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About Us

At Sykes Capital Management, we are committed to creating a brighter future for all. We are a fintech company and business advisory firm that provides a comprehensive suite of services, including business advisory, financial literacy, education analytics, youth-based sport initiatives, and now The CogniFund. We are dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to identify and solve complex problems. Our team is highly experienced, and our commitment to our clients is unparalleled. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible solutions to their financial and business needs.

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At Sykes Capital Management, we believe that financial empowerment is the key to achieving one's full potential. Our journey began with a passion for helping businesses, individuals, and communities succeed. We recognized that traditional financial services were not enough, and we needed to think outside the box to make a real impact. So we set out to create innovative services that leveraged cutting-edge technology to drive results.
We started by providing assistance to startups with disruptive ideas and business advisory services.
But we knew that true empowerment required more support and education so we have added CogniFunds a powerful tool that will revolutionize financial literacy and business education, to our portfolio. We recognized that the key to lasting success was in empowering our business customers and the next generation with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions.
With the addition of CogniFunds, our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology continues. Our hyper-personalized approach ensures that each client receives customized attention and support, led by data and sophisticated technology.
At Sykes Capital Management, we are dedicated to identifying and solving complex problems and addressing inequalities. We are on a mission to build a brighter future, and we invite you to join us on this journey. 

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